Fredo Santana’s Father Shares The Painful Moment He Found Out About Son’s Death

Fredo Santana, seen in an image from his Twitter account, died Friday, Jan. 19, 2018, in Reseda. A cause of death has yet to be determined. In October 2017, Santana said he was being treated for liver and kidney failure, according to media reports.

Fredo Santana’s father, took to Instagram to detail the moment he found out about his son’s death.

This weekend, the unfortunate news hit the Internet that Fredo Santana passed away at the age of 27. The hip hop community as a whole publicly mourned the loss of another young rapper passed away in an untimely manner. Maxo Kream was one of the first artists to break the news and Chief Keef later confirmed it on social media. Santana’s father took to Instagram yesterday to reveal the devastating moments after finding out the loss of his son.

Fredo Santana’s father, “Big Shug” posted a series of pictures on Instagram over the weekend, reflecting on the life of his son. Big Shug first posted a picture of his son that read, “THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.” Afterwards, he posted a childhood picture of Fredo before speaking on the moment he found out about his son’s death. Fredo was his second born child that was named after his older brother. Shug was devastated by the news that his wife had to help him stand after he fell to the ground. He later thanked Fredo’s true friends in the music industry for showing their support.

“I did not know the magnitude of souls & hearts my son had reached until today,I wanna thank all the fans,friends & family that I just couldn’t reach personally,thank y’all for everything,” he wrote.

In another picture he posted on his page shortly after, he recalled the last conversation he had with God prior to the death of Fredo.

“The strange thing is,in my last conversation with God I asked if any of my children was being called home before me & asked can I take their place,” he wrote, “but it Doesn’t work like that. This pain won’t go away.”



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