Dumi Masilela Murder Witness Makes A Disturbing Claim

Just when we thought Dumi was about to get some justice, the only witness in the case has invalidated his confession.

The actor and musician who had a bright future ahead of him had his life cut short in August during a botched hijacking in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg. According to reports, Dumi and his friend were approached by a Jeep which attempted to hijack them and when they drove off the occupants in the Jeep shot the Golf 7 and that is how the star died.

According to a recent article on TshisaLive, the South African Police Services confirmed that the three men were arrested in connection with the attempted hijacking of Rhythm City star Dumi Masilela have been charged with his murder.

Unfortunately, one of the three men, who had turned state witness against his co-conspiritors has alleged that the confession he made to police was beaten out of him.

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This allegation was made in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court during the bail hearing of the man who has been identified as Sifundi Nkosi.

His lawyer claimed that Nkosi had been severely beaten and had suffered a fractured rib as a result.

If these claims are found to be true, that would invalidate his confession which was the state’s strongest piece of evidence against the perpetrators.



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