Drake’s “Take Care” Continues Six Year Run On Billboard Charts

Drake’s “Take Care” has some serious mileage.

Sales don’t necessarily translate to quality, but every so often a quality album proves to be a commercial success. Such is the case with Drake’s Take Care, an album many feel to be the Toronto rapper’s magnum opus. Since he released it back in 2011, Drake’s second studio album has officially spent over two hundred and fifty weeks on the Billboard 200 charts. That’s nearly six years, and a true testament to Drake’s artistic longevity. Ultimately, it makes sense that it’s Take Care, as the project was almost certainly Drake’s defining release.
Songs like “Headlines,” “Crew Love,” “Marvin’s Room,” the track that helped catapult Kendrick Lamar into the spotlight “Buried Alive Interlude,” “Lord Knows” are clearly still finding legs in 2017, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see its run continue well into 2018. In fact, many fans have been hoping for a Take Care 2, even though sequel albums are seldom able to capture the magic of the first.
And not only has his second album still managed to find success six years down the road, but Drizzy’s More Life was also revealed by Apple Music to be 2017’s most streamed album. Doubtless, many of our users played a pivotal role in that statistic. Suffice it to say, Drake is poised for a big year in 2018, especially if he can come through with another album. As of now, there’s nothing concrete indicating that Drizzy will be dropping a new project, but the rapper has been spotted in the studio with Trippe Redd and Pi’erre Bourne.


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