Drake & DJ Khaled Do Their Best “Salt Bae” Impression

Drizzy & DJ Khaled throw down their best #Saltbae rendition.

DJ Khaled and Drake have been hanging out as of late, just yesterday we posted on the producer getting lost while out jet skiing with Diddy that saw him shed some blood while trying to take a “secret route” out at sea. At the end of his escapade, we see Drake chilling on the dock welcoming Khaled back to land.
In one of the latest videos to hit the web, we get to see Drake and Khaled attempt the “Salt Bae” – the viral video that was hot for a minute of a man adding salt to dishes in a dramatic fashion. In the video below you can see Khaled do his simple rendition of the meme where Drake follows up with his added touch.

It’s easy to assume that Khaled and Drizzy may be cooking something up in the studio, but we for sure know that Drake and Pi’erre Bourne have something on the way since he recently responded to a fan’s inquiry on whether he and the Atlanta based artist have an upcoming collaboration.
“Me and Pierre already got one,” he responded.


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