Drake Addresses Recent Spree Of Charitable Donations

The 6 God speaks on his recent generosity.

Say what you will about Drake, but over the past three days, you can’t deny that the Toronto rapper has been out here making the world a better place. To summarize, Drizzy donated twenty-five thousand dollars to a Miami high school, paid fifty-thousand dollars to help strangers in Miami buy groceries, dropped another fifty-thousand to help pay for a University of Miami student’s tuition, and hit up Miami’s Lotus Village homeless shelter to deliver toys, games, and yet another $50 thousand dollars. Suffice it to say, Drake’s charitable touch has spread across Miami, and his endeavors are rumored to be the focus of the upcoming “God’s Plan” video.


Today, Drake has taken to Instagram to address his recent charitable spree, writing “Last 3 days were the best I have had in a very long time…there’s nothing like seeing people experience a joyful moment when you can tell they need it the most.” It’s unclear whether or not Drake is planning on continuing to donate, but either way, it’s nice to see he hasn’t lost his humility. Sure, some might bust out the old “doing it on camera makes it selfish argument,” but in all fairness, the recipients of charity seldom see it that way.

If we’re operating under the theory that this is all part of the upcoming “God’s Plan” video, it stands to reason that the new video should be coming sooner than later. Stay tuned for more news on Drake, who will be dropping an album later this year.



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