Donald Glover Picks His Favorite Kendrick Lamar Album

Glover also picks Migos over the Beatles & Elvis.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story just around the corner, his FX series coming to a close in Season 2, and “This Is America” making waves, Donald Glover is posted at every corner, or so it seems. And it’s not as if we feel forced into conversation with Glover, his opinions on contemporary culture in America are refreshingly sound, and are generally bereft of self-importance. He’s simply using his platform the way you would a dress-down Friday at the office.Glover sat down with Noisey to shoot the shit on a few topics making the rounds of late. Right from the get-go Glover was asked to pick between Migos, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley, his answer quite obvious: “Maybe it’s because, like, Migos is kind of a local band to me,” he answered. “They’re from my hometown and I heard them all the time.”

On the topic of Kendrick Lamar, Glover was asked to pick his the Compton rapper’s finest work. He replied, “All those albums are great, but Damn is kind of an instant classic, right?” Glover then held off for a moment of suspension, “To Pimp a Butterfly is, like, off the wall where you’re like these are some good songs and it has a purpose, but I feel like with Damn. he condensed all of it into one cohesive thing.” Say what you will, but Glover has a point, Damn is the work of rapper hyper vigilant to no end.