Desiigner Calls Kanye West “Crazy” While Claiming He Revived G.O.O.D Music

Desiigner Calls Kanye West Crazy While Claiming He Revived G.O.O.D Music

appears to be dealing with personal and label issues simultaneously. The rapper took to Instagram to air out the man that put him on and his label while making it clear that he hasn’t fallen off.

doesn’t think that is a genius like everyone else thinks. The “Panda” rapper went off on Instagram earlier today with claims that he put G.O.O.D Music relevant again and that the label’s founder is simply a madman.

“Nobody’s doin’ this shit for me, bro. Nobody,”Desiigner said. “I had signed to — y’all n***as think he’s a genius. Y’all think that n***as shit. But to me, nigga, that nigga’s crazy, nigga. To me, nigga, I’ve been doing this shit myself.”


The “Timmy Turner” artist continued to take aim at Kanye’s label, saying that he’s the one who put it back on the map.

“To me n***a, I brought G.O.O.D. Music back, n***a, and everybody know that,” he continued. “So what y’all talking about I fell off. I only dropped two mixtapes, bro. Two, bro.”

He continued: “Y’all people are mad ungrateful. Y’all are ungrateful for the music I gave y’all. Y’all mad ungrateful bro. Y’all n***as need to put me on top. I did diamond for y’all two times.”

Hopefully, Desiigner patches things up with his label.


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