Dave East Talks About Recording Music In Kevin Durant’s Basement On ESPN

Dave East – My Dirty Little Secret (Video)

Dave East talks about growing up with Michael Beasley and recording music at Kevin Durant’s house on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable.”

Ahead of his upcoming Paranoia 2 EP which is expected to arrive sometime this month, rising Harlem spitter Dave East decided to make his way by the ESPN studios on Wednesday and serve as a special guest on Highly Questionable.

While speaking with host Dan Le Batard, the 2016 XXL Freshman talked about growing up with NBA player Michael Beasley and recording music in Kevin Durant’s basement after meeting each other in 10th grade. For those of you who don’t know, Dave was mad nice on the bball courts & actually played AAU basketball growing up, before going to the University of Richmond to play in college. He says that while the Warriors star liked to produce beats, East got him to rap on a track over an old Kanye West beat back in the day.

“I met Kevin in 10th grade,” he explains. “I was down in the DMV area playing ball, myself, and we was both kind of killing the area. That’s where I first got familiar with him. And the ball didn’t go for me how it went for KD, you know what I’m saying. So I got into the music, but he always been a fan of the music. He makes beats. He likes to produce, so he invited me to his crib one day. We was in his basement. He had a mic set up. I think it was over a Kanye West beat, an old Kanye beat. I got him to rap with me. [I think] it’s on YouTube, me and him rapping together.”

Later, Dave talked about spending time with Durant before Paranoia came out, hanging out with his daughter, and more.

Check out the 6-minute cameo & interview (below). And look out for the sequel to Paranoia to be dropping sometime this month. “Paranoia 2 on the way. I’m about to hit ’em back to back.” East said in a previous interview, “Probably before Halloween, I’ma come with another one. One more EP and then [it’s] album time, like my real debut… Probably like end of the year [or] top of the year. That’s when you’re gonna be hearing about the title and all of that.” So stay tuned for that tape as well!