Dave East Goes To War With Chicago Radio Host Kendra G

Dave East has found himself taking some heat.

Sometimes, beef comes from the most unexpected places, and Dave East recently found himself at the center of a spot of controversy. The Paranoia: A True Story rapper was reportedly supposed to partake in a meet-and-greet session in Chicago, hosted by radio personality Kendra G. However, East ended up skipping out, which led to a bunch of disappointed fans, and a vocally angry Kendra G, who ended up publicly putting Dave on blast. You can check out her video below, and let it be known, hell hath no fury like a Kendra G scorned.

She also claimed that East was well aware of the event, despite his Tweets suggesting otherwise. Once Dave got word of the mix-up, he took to Twitter in an attempt to clear the air, stating “AGAIN I APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE THAT TOOK TIME TO COME MEET ME TODAY. I WANNA SET UP A FREE SHOW/MEET & GREET FOR THEM.” When Dave was initially accused, he claimed that he never knew about it in the first place.

However, Dave took things up a notch and went after Kendra G on Instagram, allegedly writing: “I wanna apologize to everybody in that room except this chicc [Kendra G]. I was not told by anybody to be there today,” he wrote in a now since-deleted IG post. “It’s good to know how [Kendra G] feel thou u was just talking about getting pregnant by me if you could. I wouldn’t touch you with gloves on. Chicago, I love y’all and would never ever curve anything in y’all city,” he continued. “[Kendra G], you’ll never get an interview, a drop not even a conversation from me ever in this lifetime. That is not professional and I don’t move like that.”

Kendra G fired back at East, going off in retaliation on a post of her own, which you can check out below.