Daddy Freeze Alleges Ex-wife, Opeyemi Has Absconded With Their Kids

Popular Nigerian OAP, Freeze has just alleged that his ex-wife Opeyemi, has run of the country with his kids.

The OAP made the allegation some moments ago via his Instagram page, where he stated that he had been in the dark on the whereabouts of his kids for sometime, only to find out that they are not in the country at the moment.

He wrote:

She doesn’t have my consent to travel with my kids without my knowledge! Is it even legal? What is the job of the Nigerian immigration service really?
I just want to know where my kids are, that’s all!
Freeze ex-wife Opeyemi had granted an interview in 2017 where she made a whole lot of revelation on their past relationship. The OAP however claimed all she mentioned in the interview was false.



Daddy Freeze ex-wife however was alleged to have absconded when it was time for the OAP to respond to her allegations. Only for him to now discover that she left the country with his kids.