Chris Brown Confesses His Love For Jennifer Lopez: “I Like You And I Want You”

Chris Brown is the opposite of lowkey when it comes to confessing his love.

Breezy paid a visit to The Angie Martinez Show yesterday where he not only discussed his upcoming 45-song album but also revealed his crush on the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer, Jennifer Lopez.

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J Lo comes up in the conversation as the two recently worked together. Angie says she didn’t even know they were friends where Chris says, “J.Lo’s bad, man” adding, “I like you…and I want you.” Angie tells Chris that she’s in a relationship with former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez where he replies, “Oh, you know what, playboy. My bad.”

He keeps confessing his love after he’s reminded of the age gap between the two, J Lo being 48 and Chris being 28, where he tells all listeners that J Lo “can get it anytime. Seventy years old, I don’t even care.”

“I wrote on her album a couple times,” he added. “I actually went to the house to write the songs. I’m on straight business focus mode… but you just look at her and be like… You look good! Stop!” Watch the video below where Chris talks about J Lo at the 34-minute mark.


Chris is set to drop his anticipated album Heartbreak On A Full Moon on Halloween. Speaking with Ebro In The Morning, the singer/rapper said that since he built his own studio, his creative juices have been flowing and he currently has 800 songs on his phone.

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“Right now, it’s been better because I built a studio in my house. So I never have to leave. but for me, on my phone alone right now, I have like 800 songs. That nobody’s heard. Not bragging but my work ethic only allows me to stay creative,” he said. “I love music in itself some being able to create at an abundant rate, for me I just think it’s a blessing.”


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