Chris Brown Calls Himself “One Of The Greats,” Says He’ll Have A Movie One Day

“One day they will make a movie about this kid.”

There’s something to be said for how people get highly praised and recognized after they’ve died. We’ve seen it happen a few times this year with the passing of Mac Miller, Aretha Franklin, Kim Porter, Stan Lee and more. It’s not that the acts weren’t praised when they were alive, but once they passed all these great things and were said about them which naturally makes people think: Why didn’t we tell them when they were alive?


’s latest share to Instagram touches on that thought with a caption that forecasts a movie being made about his career “saying how he was one of the greats and stared adversity in the eyes and stood tall no matter what they threw at him.” Chris boasts as being a musician that “made music that mattered and helped so many people believe in their abilities.”

He added: “It’s pretty sad that all these things will be recognized when IM GONE! BUT FOR NOW, IMA REMAIN HUMBLE/CREATIVE (MYSelf) And ultimately elevate my CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Do you guys agree with Chris’ opinion of himself and his career? Let us know in the comments.


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