Chance The Rapper’s Manager Pat Corcoran Launches New Wine Company

Chance The Rapper’s manager has teamed up with Skrillex’s manager for their entrance in the wine game.

Managers are obviously vital pieces to helping artists reach new heights in their career. If it wasn’t for the manager, a lot of artists would have trouble balancing their art with business. Chance The Rapper’s manager, Pat Corcoran, helped build the rapper’s independent brand into a mainstream world. From dropping free mixtapes to winning Grammys, Pat’s entrepreneurial prowess turned their independent work in front of millions. Now, he’s taking his business acumen into the world of alcohol.

Pat Corcoran has teamed up with Skrillex’s manager, Tim Smith to launch a new brand of wines. The two of them have linked up with Ryan Arnold, wine connoisseur and wine director for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group, to launch their new brand of wine called “No Fine Print Wine.” “No Fine Print Wine” is aimed to appeal to those who aren’t experts in the wine world but still have similar experience of wine-drinkers and someliers.

While Arnold is a notable person in the wine industry, Smith and Corcoran plan to bring their new wine brand into the music world.

“We’ve built our reputation in the music industry by focusing on our unique approach to managing artists that we’re passionate about,” Smith told Billboard. Corcoran added that they “wanted to find a way to merge the creative branding we’ve used in the music realm with wine.”

No Fine Print will also have a more high end subsidiary called Fine Print which will drop in limited quantities. Some of the proceeds from the sales of the wine brand will be donated towards charities that focus on social and environmental issues.



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