Cassper Nyovest Says South Africans Love Being Offended

Cassper Nyovest Says South Africans Love Being Offended

Says Being Offended

Says Being Offended: When you a celebrity you become a target to all kinds of things and if you feed into the energy then you likely inviting even more negativity to come your way.

On today’s episode on Nyovest’s twitter ex[experiences, he responded to a fan who requested new music in a way most considered rude.

“My single “Move For Me” is the 2nd most played song in the country. I’m shooting a video for it this week. My album Sweet And Short is the only Hip Hop album on the top 20 best selling albums in music this week. I dont need to drop new music,’ wrote Cassper in response to this .”Dear @casspernyovest Can we have new music?”


Tweeps came at him with all kinds of shots telling him he could’ve answered that in a better way not in that manner which they thought to be rude. He also responded to such by saying that South Africans love being offended.

“South African People just love being offended. I don’t bother anymore. I just block!!! How can someone say i should drop new music when im pushing an album and single that’s doing well & i dropped music 2 weeks ago. When we don’t push pur albums theh say we slept on them. Mxm.”