Cardi B Shares Teaser For Upcoming Super Bowl Ad

Cardi B & Amazon team up for a Super Bowl spot.

Cardi B’s wave is seemingly never-ending. She finished 2017 off on a high note, having accomplished a number of Billboard milestones, and then only three days into 2018 she jumped on Bruno Mars’ remix of “Finesse” that launched her and Bruno even higher on the charts.

Last weekend her and the 24K Magic singer performed their hit track at the Grammys and now Cardi is about to make another major appearance at this weekend’s Super Bowl. In a new Instagram post, the New York-bred rapper shows a teaser for her upcoming Amazon advertisement, that’s left us very curious. In the video below, you can see Cardi opening an Amazon box and taking out a headset. “I got it though, I got it,” she says putting it on. “Let’s get it started!”


Even if you aren’t a football fan, you gotta admit that you’re kind of curious as to what she’ll be doing in the commercial and may be tuning in just to see it go down.

Cardi recently covered CR Fashion Book that featured an interview with Zendaya. The rapper admitted how she was a “bit happier two or three years ago” when she “had less money.

“I had less people who had opinions about my life. I felt like my life was mine. Now I feel like I don’t even own my life. I feel like the world owns me,” she said.


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