Cardi B Reveals The Most Annoying Thing Offset Does

Cardi B sheds some light on her relationship with Offset.

The past year has been highly eventful for Cardi B to say the least. She’s broke records, she’s made a lot of money and got engaged to Offset. Since the engagement, the two became hip hop’s “it couple” with many major media outlets trying to bank in on their wedding. While both her and Offset have yet to publicly speak on any details of the wedding, Cardi B recently spoke on the one pet peeve she has with her future husband.

Cardi B sat down with Beats 1 host Julie Adenuga where they spoke on many topics including fashion, her upcoming album and more. Of course, Julie had to ask Cardi B about her relationship with Offset. During the interview, Cardi was asked about the most annoying thing he does when they’re at home. While you may think it could be leaving the seat up or something along that lines, Cardi’s response proves just how money oriented she is.

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