Cardi B & Offset Make It Rain In The Strip Club Together

Cardi B and Offset were feeling generous.

The couple that makes it rain together, stays together.

By the looks of things, Cardi and rapper Offset, of Migos fame, have mended whatever fences needed that kind of attention and are back in the saddle as one of hip-hop’s most adorable couples. They made a show of it last night as well, rolling up to the strip club and making it rain together.

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In a video that has been circulating on social media, the rap duo were seen letting those dollar bills take flight while partying it up in the strip club. Sporting some rounded shades and a black bra-style top with a black skirt, Cardi looked to be having a great time, tossing the money at the dancers without a care in the world. Her boo did the same, taking the bills out and perhaps throwing them a little more deliberately, but nevertheless livening up the party as well. Wearing a T-shirt that spelled out the phrase “Blind for Love,” it’s obvious that the couple were not only proving to the world that they were indeed back together, but also having a ton of fun in the process. Check out the video of their strip club visit here.

It’s not like they weren’t close to Splitsville either. Over the weekend, fans were shocked to see Cardi share a selfie taken at a nightclub with the caption “Single” pasted overtop. After her followers started to freak out on social media, she responded to the the growing uproar a few hours later, saying “I exaggerated a lil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme. I came to me sense now. I’m sorry …waffle house on me?” That came with a picture of Offset attached.

Now that the couple is back together and seemingly loving every minute of it, the focus turns back to Cardi’s other incident from last weekend, which involved her getting kicked out of an Albany hotel because of noise complaints, asserting afterwards that there were racist motives behind the actions of the hotel staff.



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