Cardi B, Lil Jon, & Steve Carrell Endorse Pepsi In “Okay” Commercial

Cardi B has been the epitome of ubiquitous, popping up in damn near every corner of the cultural landscape with a reach never thought possible by modern scientific standards. Of course, such is the benefit of possessing a hustler’s acumen, and the rapper has been stacking up a Scrooge McDuckian pile of revenue to show for it. It seemed inevitable that she would pop up in a Super Bowl commercial, where celebrities have flocked for years upon years. Today, the full version of her Pepsi commercial, starring Steve Carrell and Lil Jon, has surfaced in two separate variants.
The commercial itself is rather light, and should you enjoy any of the active parties, you might find something to enjoy here. Yet for the most part, it feels merely “okay,” a vain attempt to drive catchphrases home to a zeitgeist that might already be lacking stimulus to begin with. Can Steve Carrell shake off that dreadful post-Welcome To Marwen malaise? Not like this.
Check out both versions of the ad, the minute-long and the thirty-second one, below.