Cardi B Is Apparently Upset By Chris Brown Dragging Her Into Offset Beef

Cardi B Is Apparently Upset By Chris Brown Dragging Her Into Offset Beef

Is Apparently Upset By Dragging Her Into Beef

brought into his online beef with by announcing that he would send her flowers as a sign of respect. Given the fragile state of the couple’s relationship, in addition to the cringe-worthy scene featuring apologizing to Cardi with a huge flower arrangement, Brown’s comment did not go unnoticed. According to a source close to the couple, the “I Like It” rapper feels disrespected.

“Cardi B found Chris Brown’s Instagram post where he says he’s going to send her flowers so she knows he respects her, quite disrespectful,” the source said. “Cardi of course sides with Offset, however, she knows Offset has been working really hard to get to a better place with her and on their relationship as a whole and finds it really rude of Chris to post such a thing.”


“Cardi also doesn’t like that Offset is being spoken about,” they continued. “She finds the whole thing disrespectful. She’s already having a lot of emotions going into Grammy night that she didn’t really need to be dealing with this right now.”

“Offset also feels that Chris Brown took this too far but his comments involving Cardi as she has nothing to do with this,” the source added. “Cardi and kids are off limits in Offsets eyes, and he just found it crossing a line and disrespectful. Offset respects Cardi tremendously and he knows he’s been doing right by her for the past few months so that’s all he cares about. Offset will continue to do right by Cardi and make her feel like a queen. That’s his goal and he hasn’t wavered from that.”


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