Cardi B Fans Question If She Should Be With Offset, Cardi Shuts Them Down

Cardi B isn’t having any of the non-believers.

Some people are still questioning whether or not Cardi B and Offset are the real deal. I’m not quite sure why, seeing as he’s getting tattoos of her name on his neck now, but I digress. In essence, there are those who definitely don’t think they’re compatible and simply work as a couple who looks good when captured by the paparazzi photogs. These sentiments were only heightened by a tweet that the rapper sent out earlier today.

The message seemed to be in defiance of the non-believers out there, reading: “I got options but i want who i want.” Tonally, there’s no mistaking where she stands on the issue, but that didn’t stop the social media armchair critics from coming out of the woodwork and giving the “Bodak Yellow” artist their two cents, whether it was needed or not.

Check out a sampling of the reaction below!

The overwhelming sentiment, that the Migos rapper isn’t quite good enough for the Bardi one, was shut down by music’s hottest female personality almost as soon as it reared its head. In Cardi’s mind, she’s invested in the relationship because she wants to be and, more importantly, because they both care deeply for one another, not because his name looks better on a resume than someone else’s. It’s a point of view that is pretty refreshing and continues to showcase Cardi B in a thoughtful, deceptively perceptive light.

Do you think that Cardi B and Offset are a good match? Sound off in the comments.


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