Cardi B Calls Out Promoter Who Didn’t Pay Her at New Orleans Show

Cardi’s about her shmoney.

Cardi B is about her coins, but she’s also about her fans.

In a recent stop in New Orleans at the city’s Studio 233 venue, Cardi B briefly appeared onstage at a scheduled performance to let her fans know that they’d only be getting two songs that night because the show’s promoter allegedly tried to sneak out of paying her backend fee.

“This club is packed. So, I don’t want to hear that niggas didn’t make their fucking money,” Cardi says at the beginning of a clip of the incident. In the clip, it’s clear that she isn’t lying as the audience is firmly packed in with one another, a claim only further bolstered by the promoter who previously tweeted out that the show was indeed sold out and that tickets could be purchased at the door.

I know I’m a girl, but a nigga is not gonna fucking play me,” she continued. “Now, the reason I came in is cause I love my fans. So, out of courtesy of me, I’m gonna perform two songs, ‘cause I really love y’all. But, I hate when niggas try to fucking play me,” she says as she appears to direct her attention to the side of the stage, presumably to where the promotor in question is standing. “I’m about my fucking money…Imma put you on blast. Play the music,” she says before launching into her Offset-assisted “Lick.

Yet, the plot does indeed thicken. Turns out this show had two promoters, both with a proven track record of successful events in New Orleans. However, in an Instagram post the promoter that Cardi took issue with attempted to make it clear that it was the other party involved who was allegedly being sneaky with the monetary transactions, leading to less money being made at the door, and to his inability to give Cardi B’s team the full amount.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see that Cardi is a woman of the people, willing to put conflict to the side for the sake of the fans.


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