Boosie Has An Optimistic View On Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence

Boosie is optimistic on Meek Mill’s bid.

Everybody’s been adding their two cents to Meek Mill’s situation. Many have been vocal about their support, even inspiring a petition to either lessen or dismiss Meek’s sentence. Everyone from Jay-Z to T.I. to Rick Ross have shown their support for the MMG rapper. Recently, TMZ caught up with Boosie Badazz and of course, they asked the rapper to chime in on the whole situation.
Boosie may be the only person optimistic about Meek Mill’s sentencing. In a recent run in with TMZ, he said Meek won’t even serve the full two to four years but instead only do 10 months out of it with good behavior.

He ain’t got nothing but two years. Ya’ll making a big deal over this s**t. He’ll probably do like 10 months over that,” he said.

He also said that Meek will come back richer than he was before going into prison. He said Meek could handle the bid because he’s a a street cat from Philly. Boosie acknowledges that Meek will lose a lot of money while he’s away but he does say he’ll end up making it back and some within two months of his release.

He not going to do 10 years, even though it was some bulls**t they got him on. He gone be back even stronger… He going to miss a lot of money but he gon’ get that double back. He’ll be richer in two months than he was his whole career,” he said.

Aside from that, Boosie gave his own tid bit of advice for the incarcerated MMG rapper. He says that during his time, he should just focus on his craft, read books and overall, elevate his knowledge while behind bars. Boosie spoke on personal experience after dealing with five years behind bars.
“I came back 30 times stronger man. He’s gonna do the same thing. That’s just what it does when you get that hype of comin’ home. People want to hear your music, people want to hear what he got to talk about, people want to hear what he went through,” Boosie said.

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