Azealia Banks: “I’m Sad Because I’m Irrelevant”

Azealia Banks drums up a series of convoluted messages on Instagram days after Cardi B tirade.

A few days after sounding off on Cardi B to no avail, Azealia Bank’s ongoing personal journey has taken an unpredictable turn. Via Instagram, Azealia posted a certificate she received from a 1 day Anger Management course. Your guess is as good as mine, as to whether or not this is being served to us with a dose of cynicism.

At first glance, the certificate comes off as joke, but a look at the posts that follow seems to indicate a light going off in her head or at least small amount of cohesion. Her hateful remarks appear unprovoked and remain unanswered. The post below begins to explain her antics. She seems saddened by the fact that the only time she can cling to any media attention is when the negative is being explored. Hopefully her recent signing with label Entertainment One can level off the heat and draw greater attention to her music.

Even so, her social media posts don’t exactly equate to victim’s remorse. Her assertion that “Everybody wants to be an authentic Black Woman”, if properly decoded, is probably directed at someone in particular, and it would be safe to assume that very person is Cardi B.


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