Are Jay-Z & Beyoncé About To Announce A Joint Tour?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé might be hitting the road together.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé had a stellar 2017. The birth of their two new children, Rumi and Sir; the purchase of a California estate for nearly $100 million; and the brutal creative honesty of 4:44, which supposedly brought them closer together as a couple, were just some of the highlights. Now, the two might have a big surprise in store for fans around the world: the announcement of a joint tour.

Hot 97 radio host Laura Stylez shared that Jay-Z and Beyoncé might be hitting the road together in 2018. “This is a rumor guys,” she admitted, though it’s one that has been slowly building in recent weeks. “I have my sources, so don’t ask me any questions. And again, it’s a rumor. I heard, somebody told me that the Carters, Jay-Z and Beyoncé might—this is a might—be announcing a tour very soon. I’m talking maybe All-Star Weekend.”

The last time the couple staged a tour together was in 2014, in support of Beyoncé’s self-titled visual album. Those concert dates also came after elevator camera footage of Bey’s sister Solange attacking Hov were made public. Since then, both music superstars have had their public feuds via their songs, like “Sorry” and the follow-up from 4:44, “Family Feud,” but clearly Jay and Bey are doing well enough now, as a couple, to head out for some live dates as a duo. There’s also the prospect that tickets for such a tour would automatically become the hottest passes in every town.

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