AKA Announces The Title Of His Next Album

AKA Announces The Title Of His Next Album! The Supa Mega has been working on his third solo studio album for a while and it’s clear that the album is close to finishing because we all know he would never announce the album title if it wasn’t.

The star is currently in Sun City where he has been working on his album and from the pictures we saw he had the whole family out there! We are super excited for this body of work because it has been 3 years since he released his sophomore album!
The album will be titled ‘Feel My Blood!’ AKA has not announced when he plans to drop the album but we hope it’s soon! “Feel me, hear me …. understand me. Feel my happiness, my pain, my spirit …. where I come from. Hey Mega … Touch my Blood” said the Supa Mega after announcing the album title!