50 Cent Talks Chris Brown-Michael Jackson Comparison & 6ix9ine In New Interview

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50 Cent Talks Chris Brown-Michael Jackson Comparison & 6ix9ine In New Interview

The hosts of HOT 97’s The Breakfast Club had a lot of ground to cover with 50 Cent in a 30-minute interview. Fifty makes headlines pretty much everyday, so when you get an opportunity for him to expand on all the beefs and controversies he manages to spark with mere Instagram captions, you better jump at it. HOT 97 wasted no time doing exactly that, quickly asking Fifty to defend his stance on Chris Brown being better than Michael Jackson – which he has proclaimed multiple times on Instagram recently.


While he conceded that Brown doesn’t have projects as strong as Off The Wall or Thriller, Fifty explained that his opinion is based on Brown’ superior “showmanship”, citing backflips on stage as an example of Brown’s impressive acrobatics. He also argued that there is a generational dimension. “Artists now are getting better. With having the body of work that artists have created in the past, they have been able to listen, learn, evolve and become better,” he said.

The next topic of discussion that got ears perking up was Tekashi 6ix9ine. 50 and 6ix9ine’s relationship was well-documented and followed. While 50 didn’t speak much on it, he did disclose that he told 6ix9ine not to go to Chicago in June 2018 when he was trying to troll his enemies, Chief Keef and Lil Reese. But 50 joked about that incident, saying Tekashi didn’t really go out there to get his hands dirty, but to “make fun” for “three, four minutes.” He then likened Tekashi to the character Ghost in his television show, Power. On the topic of Power, 50 also explained that he switched the show’s theme song from the Joe version to one with Trey Songz in an attempt to cater to the youth’s tastes and also to provide an update in case there are another six seasons.

The HOT 97 hosts then made sure to bring up 50’s long-running beef with Rick Ross. As 50 repeatedly claims – especially in this interview – he doesn’t have a problem with anybody. “If I was chasing him, I would’ve got him by now,” he says. However, later in the interview, he takes a subtle shot at Ross when talking about the duality in people’s characters. “You can be about prison reform and rap with a correctional office,” he says, not-so cryptically referencing Meek Mill’s relationship with Rozay.

50 Cent addresses other trending topics in the interview too, so you can check out the full thing below.