50 Cent Spars With Youngest Son: “He Want Smoke With Me Already”

50 Cent Spars With Youngest Son: “He Want Smoke With Me Already”:
50 Cent has been sharing tidbits of his parental persona with his social media following lately, uploading photos and videos of his kid son Sire Jackson. The most recent videos feature the boy play fighting with his father.
Fans can experience an overload of cuteness through the videos uploaded by the rapper. One of the clips shows Sire posting up as a tough guy, yelling into the camera: “You wanna fight me!” Shortly after, Fifty sweep the kid from the floor and throws him onto the couch. The entertainer captions the video, “when my kid starts to think he is the Boss.”
The other videos are iterations of similar acts as the father-son duo enjoy their bonding through their interpretation of WWE tactics.
SireJAckson came into the world through Fifty’s relationship with Filipina model and actress Daphne Joy in September 2012. The youngster also happens to earn money with his looks, having copped $700,000 through modeling contracts with Kidz Safe. He posed with the company’s headphones for promotional materials at the tender age of 2. The kid celebrity is genuinely adorable, armed with an endearing personality. Watch the collection of positive depictions of black fatherhood below.