21 Savage’s Mom Says Grammy’s Conspired To Keep Her Protest Off The Red Carpet

21 Savage's Mom Says Grammy's Conspired To Keep Her Protest Off The Red Carpet

Representatives for 21 Savage say there’s a widening conspiracy to silence the rapper, who is currently being held in federal prison by ICE officials in Atlanta.

According to The Blast, 21’s mom Heather Joseph tried to walk the Red Carpets to raise attention about her son’s immigration issues with ICE, who detained the rap star on Sunday, February 3.

The government claims 21 Savage is a British national who has been living the country illegally since his Visa expired in 2006 and was never renewed.

The government claims they also caught the rap star with a loaded Glock with an extended magazine, which was found in the center console of the Dodge Challenger he was driving.

21 and his lawyers maintain he is innocent and eligible for a Visa and that the gun is not his.

Last night during the Grammy’s, 21 Savage’s mom was blocked from picking up his tickets to attend the awards.

She says Grammy officials allegedly refused to turn over his tickets and they reportedly told her he had to pick the tickets up himself, even though he is incarcerated.

After some arguing, the tickets were finally issued 21 Savage’s mom and his associates, but the red carpet portion had already taken place.

21 Savage’s family believes bosses at The Grammy’s got wind of their planned protest and delayed their entry on purpose.

So far, the Grammy’s have yet to comment on the dust-up.