Murs & 9th Wonder – “God Black / Black God” (Video)

Murs & 9th Wonder – “God Black Black God” (Video)

Murs & 9th Wonder – “God Black / Black God” (Video)

Although they just released The Iliad Is Dead & The Odyssey is Over last week, Murs and 9th Wonder are revisiting 2015’s Brighter Daze (which just made its way on to streaming platforms) with a new video.

Running with the fan-favorite “God Black/Black God,” Murs posts up on Cloverdale, the block where he grew up in Los Angeles.

“This song is a few years old, but it’s always been the people’s choice from the Brighter Daze project,” Murs says. “And it’s perfect timing because I think the first verse of this song is really resonating with folks right about now; with all the losses and gains our community has experienced over the past few years.”

“On the negative side, we continue to lose loved ones to gun violence and on the other side we’ve seen a lot of economic empowerment from homies turning their food trucks into restaurants; to Jay Z and Meek Mill making ownership moves at the corporate level.”

Check out the Justin (Marmo) Marmorstein-directed clip below.

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