Everything That Led to 6ix9ine’s Possible Life Sentence

Tory Lanez – Talk To Me (Remix) ft Lil Wayne, Rich The Kid & DJ Stevie J

ey guys, its been a wonderful week, and i guess you guys are all cool. Today we are going to look at “Everything That Led to 6ix9ine’s Possible Life Sentence”, and hope you finally understand whats been going on lately.

Bright rainbow hair. Large face tattoos. Flashy flamboyant jewelry. Songs like “Gummo,” “Keke,” and “Fefe.” Tekashi 6ix9ine, spelled with the number 6 and the number 9, is arguably the most startlingly bold and brash rapper since 50 Cent.

But unfortunately, Tekashi’s shock value hasn’t been strictly music related for entertainment purposes. Offline, outside of recording studios, an entirely different type of rap sheet, one without lyrics, only legal woes, has been growing in size for 22-year old 6ix9ine, born as Daniel Hernandez in the streets of Brooklyn New York.



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