Strike – Sunshine ft. Albert Gold

Strike – Sunshine ft. Albert Gold

Strike – Sunshine ft. Albert Gold – For those who have never heard of Strike, he’s a artist/producer based in East London who raps while playing keyboard and guitar. He has been consistently putting out music and video’s since late 2016 (roughly at least once every two months) and still has a big batch of music to deliver you, including a new EP.

He now presents Sunshine. A track that is close to his heart as he opens up about his experience with knife crime. He revels how he felt when he was younger and nearly got stabbed in his home town in Reading, Berkshire. He was locked into a 1 on 1 fist fight with a older ex-convict but luckily his opponent dropped the knife giving Strike enough time to get away safely.

Recently he has been working on new material, planning live videos and producing for other artist. Here is “Sunshine” available everywhere now.




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