Rosalía – Juro Que

Rosalía - Juro Que

Rosalía – Juro Que Mp3 Download

American Based Hip-Hop and RnB singer Rosalía are on a fresh start on ‘Juro Que. The song was released on April 20 2020 via Atlantic Records. Since its release, the song has been on the trending song chart and today we are giving you a throwback on Rosalía Juro Que Mp3 Download.

No need to mince words; Rosalía is the most arresting singer on the planet. Her gymnastic vibrato conveys every pixel of emotion on her 2018 breakthrough El Mal Querer but she has plenty of fun just flexing it as a muscle, whether it’s deployed on a miniature opera or a fully quantized Urbano song.  — J.L. Editor.

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