Download (마마무) – ‘HIP’.

RBW Entertainment has made comeback for their girl group idol . The music video has released on Desember 4 2019, Along with the album ‘Reality in Black’.

MAMAMOO album ‘Reality In Black’ had 11 songs, the main song of this album title ‘HIP’. The member of MAMAMOO write the own song’s lyric.

On this comeback music video they shows different theme, with other personality. All song in the album ‘Reality in Black’, as main song ‘Hip’ Mamamoo member write all of the lyric songs.


‘HIP’ Music video hit 134.897.523 viewer on YouTube, and topped all music chart south korean. MAMAMOO also get a few trophy from TV Music show.

Watch MAMAMOO – ‘HIP’ Music video below!



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