[Music] Kin-Z – Kin City

[Music] Kin-Z - Kin City

Producer and artist Kin-Z dropped his third single ‘Kin City’ and there is no doubt: We want to live in Kin City!

Kin-Z exaggeratedly describes an anarchistic place where only fun and decadence exist. Of course, like every self-respecting rapper, Kin-Z didn’t miss any opportunity to praise himself and makes one thing clear: If you want „… to be Kin City’s resident, stop to lament and vote Kin-Z for president“. These modest statements are accompanied by his diversified rap style and flow. Together with the slightly psychedelic and aggressive beat, the song transports an uplifting you-can’t-stop-me mood. Especially the hook invites one to bounce and jump around.

Compared to his first two releases this thing is something completely different. Kin-Z claims to be a versatile artist and this can definitely be taken as evidence.

His release is available on all major streaming services, see: https://smarturl.it/kin-city

Nerd today – Boss tomorrow.”

Though Kin-Z does not look like a typical nerd, there are quite some analogies to this quote.

Besides his musical activity as a producer/rapper/songwriter/singer, he’s actually a software engineer with a master’s degree in computer science. The keyboard of his computer just wasn’t enough for him and now he’s also “flexin” on his midi controller as he points out in his audio logo: “Kin-Z, flexin on mic and key”.


Even though he loves music and hip hop since forever, he decided only recently to become a musician. Together with his best friend Ai-X, who in turn is a studied motion designer and video expert, he’s building a „completely integrated supply chain“ which means that they are producing everything by themselves, from lyrics to the music video.

His musical focus is clearly modern hip hop and pops whereby he’s very versatile inside these wide-ranged genre boundaries. From soft R&B singing to aggressive in-your-face rap, everything is possible.

Just in line with that Kin-Z is a very versatile person in general with interests in areas like politics, finances, sports, gaming, films, and of course music. His countless hobbies like soccer, piano, hip hop dancing, Thai boxing, and MMA which he has been practicing for years acknowledge his diversified spirit. For Kin-Z variety is as vital as the air we breathe. Considering this background, it seems by far less extraordinary to switch the profession from software engineer to rapper. We shouldn’t be surprised if Kin-Z announces to become an astronaut next week.

SHAWTYS WELT – Kin-Z feat. Ai-X (prod. by Kin-Z) (Official Video)