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Jeremy Zucker Drops a Bright, Summer Anthem Titled “supercuts”

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Jeremy Zucker Drops a Bright, Summer Anthem Titled “supercuts”

Having introduced his debut love is not dying following the release of “not ur friend” earlier this year, Jeremy Zucker has now dropped his latest single titled “supercuts.” In the summer tune, the Brooklyn singer-songwriter highlights the feeling of being in a love story that would eventually fail.


“I don’t want to make your momma cry at dinner and see her at the mall next winter, at Supercuts, she hates my guts, well alright,” Zucker sings. “I actually wrote ‘supercuts’ about a year ago in Sweden with Max Martin’s camp, so it’s a song that I’ve been sitting on for a while and waiting for the right time,” he commented in a press release. Further explaining the meaning behind the song, he describes “supercuts” as “the fear of being complacent and ending up where you started, which for [him] was a small town in the suburbs of New Jersey.” Despite the lyrics, the tune features upbeat instrumentation and a bright hook, spotlighting the “sarcastic, self-loathing tone behind [Zucker’s] music.”

You can listen to “supercuts” now via streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify below.

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