DOWNLOAD: Tommy Genesis Goldilocks X ALBUM

Tommy Genesis Goldilocks X ALBUM

Tommy Genesis Goldilocks X ALBUM Download

HitNaija — Rosalind Elizabeth “Rozzi” Crane, Tommy Genesis new sophomore solo ALBUM project, Goldilocks X. The project is self-titled ALBUM along with a brand new single “a woman is a god”. The album which features 12 tracks of Genesis’s in a lyrical playfulness and topical yet philosophical reflection.

She comments: “Goldilocks is that feeling when things feel ‘just right’. Like you’re entering a space that makes sense, you just can’t put your finger on why but it just does. You don’t know why you like it but you do. The X is the unknown factor, the experimental element, the punk.”

Sizzling new single ‘a woman is a god’ is online now, an explicit return steered by production team The Martinez Brothers.

Listen to Tommy Genesis – a woman is a god streaming on and other online music sores and it download free here.

Rozzi – Hymn For Tomorrow Tracklist

1. peppermint
2. kamikaze
3. a woman is a god
4. men
5. manifesto
6. wet
7. mmm
8. wild child
9. average
10. baby
11. fuck u u know u can’t make cry
12. hurricane

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