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[Single Album] Hwasa – Guilty Pleasure (ZIP)

Download [Single Album] Hwasa – Guilty Pleasure (ZIP)

One of a member South Korean girl group MAMAMOO Hwasa has made her comeback as a solo artist with released a new single album called “Guilty Pleasure” (2021/11/24). Guilty Pleasure will be Hwasa’s first album this year after 1 year and 5 months of not releasing a song as a solo. The three songs were produced by Park Woo Sang who is a producer under RBW Entertainment. This time Hwasa also takes a part in making songs on the album Guilty Pleasure. He co-wrote the lyrics of the title track of the main track of this album.

This single album will contain 3 songs including:

01. FOMO
02. I`m a B
03. Bless U

Have you already listened to it? Let’s check out below


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