MAMAMOO – Paint Me (Orchestra Ver.)

MAMAMOO (마마무 ) is a girl group which consists of 4 members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. MAMAMOO has debuted on June 18, 2014 under RBW Entertaiment. They already being Rookie girl group on 2015 just one year after they made debuted on 2014, and winning a few trophy from korean music chart.

At September 15, 2021, MAMAMOO made their comeback with their 11th album called “I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST“, with total 24 playlist inside the album contains their old songs were re-arranged that bring us to nostalgia back to their oldest track list.


The playlist of MAMAMOO album “I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST” is include :

  1. Mumumumuch
  2. Happier Than Ever
  3. Paint me (Orcresta vers.)
  4. Starry Night (Orchestra Ver.)
  5. Gogobebe (Rock Ver.)
  6. Paint Me (Orchestra Ver.)
  7. Egotistic (Blistering Sun Ver.)
  8. You`re The Best 2021
  9. I Miss You 2021
  10. HeeHeeHaHeHo Part.2
  11. Words Don`t Come Easy 2021
  12. Piano Man 2021
  13. AHH OOP 2021
  14. Decalcomanie 2021
  15. AYA (Traditional Ver.)
  16. HIP ( Ver.)
  17. A Little Bit 2021
  18. Wind Flower (Dramatic Ver.)
  19. Um Oh Ah Yeh 2021
  20. Don`t Be Happy 2021
  21. Peppermint Chocolate ( Ver.)
  22. Destiny (Extended Ver.)
  23. Mr. Ambiguous 2021
  24. Yes I Am (Funk Boost Ver.)

Let’s check out the Music video of Mamamoo “Paint me (Orcresta vers.)” below :

  • Artist                     : MAMAMOO

    Title                       : Paint me (Orcresta vers.)

    Album                   : I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST

    Year                       : 2021

    Duration                : 3:25

    Added                    : 2021-09-15

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