DOWNLOAD Willie the Kid – Filthy Money (Album)

DOWNLOAD Willie the Kid – Filthy Money (Album)

With Deutsche Marks still in rotation, Willie the Kid is back in action with his second project of the year.

Teaming up with his childhood homie S-Class Sonny, the Grand Rapids duo release Filthy Money to the masses.

“Something special, something real, this is for my people with tunnel vision getting to it,” WTK says. “Foreign cars in the hood. Cold nights after the club let out. A fifth of Henny and a dream.”

A 10-track offering with a lone feature from Dave East, Filthy Money is available now on all streaming platforms.


1. Willie the Kid – Finally (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

2. Willie the Kid – NFL (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD


3. Willie the Kid – All That I Know (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

4. Willie the Kid – Focused (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

5. Willie the Kid – Better (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

6. Willie the Kid – Filthy Money (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

7. Willie the Kid – Safescan (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

8. Willie the Kid – Rollie Money (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

9. Willie the Kid – So Coincidental Master (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

10. Willie the Kid – Not An Issue (Ft. S-Class Sonny) – DOWNLOAD

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