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Charli Adams release a new album ‘Bullseye’ along with a brand new single “Cheer Captain”. The album which feature 11 tracks of Charli Adams’s lyrical playfulness and topical yet philosophical reflection. Listening to Charli Adams debut album Bullseye, you would think you were hearing the work of someone born with a guitar in their hands. It was actually quite the opposite. “I didn’t really grow up in a musical environment,” the artist tells Gigwise. “I’ve always felt like I got a bit of a late start.

I was playing sports in school and hated it. I remember getting out of a tennis lesson and handing my mom the racket and saying, ‘I’m never gonna be a pro at this, it’s a waste of my time’. And the next day we went to a music store and bought a guitar.”

Charli Adams Bullseye via Colour Study. Pre-order it here. Checkout Bullseye Album Review

Charli Adams – Bullseye  Tracklist

  1. Emo Lullaby
  2. Cheer Captain
  3. Didn’t Make It
  4. Headspace ft. Ruston Kelly
  5. Get High w/ My Friends
  6. JOKE’S ON YOU (I Don’t Want To)
  7. Maybe Could Have Loved ft. Nightly
  8. Bother With Me
  9. Remember Cloverland
  10. Seventeen Again ft. Novo Amor
  11. Bullseye

Charli Adams Bullseye Album Review


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